FPCA Christian Childcare Center

First Presbyterian Church of Annandale

Christian Childcare Center

7610 Newcastle Dr. Annandale, VA 22003

Opened since June 4, 2018

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Email: [email protected]

Phone:  703-941-1418  (Director: Ms. Ashley Gormley)

Fax: (703) 941-0845

Website: www.fpcannandale.org/childcare 




Welcome to the First Presbyterian Church of Annandale Christian Childcare Center (also known as the “FPCA CCC”)!  Our Childcare Center’s MOTTO comes from Jesus Christ’s teaching in Matthew 19:14, where He instructs His Disciples to, “Let the Children Come to Me!”  This Christian Childcare Center is open to all children between the ages of 3 months to 12 years of age.  It is operated by the First Presbyterian Church of Annandale, which has faithfully served the greater Annandale community since 1956.

The FPCA Christian Childcare Center is a Religious Exempt Childcare Center that has been Approved and Certified by the State of Virginia and Fairfax County for the benefit of families who wish for their children to be cared for during the day (from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM) in the highest quality, most loving, and safest environment.  FPCA-Christian Childcare Center has a total capacity of 60 children at any one time.  FPCA – Christian Childcare Center is insured under Guide One Mutual Insurance Company.

In order to more fully serve our wonderful and unique community, our certified Childcare Providers are deeply devoted to God’s love and are able to communicate and teach fluently in two languages (English and Spanish).  They offer developmentally and age appropriate learning activities in a loving, safe, and welcoming environment.  And, they do so by providing affordable and Bilingual Childcare that meets and/or exceeds the highest recognized state and local standards.


The FPCA Christian Childcare Center is open during the weekdays (Monday through Friday) from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  We are closed on Federal Holidays.


              Nutritious meals and snacks for infants and children as a regular part of their day care is importantChildren bring their own food to the Childcare Center. This will enable you to have better control over what your child might be eating.  This policy assures your child gets the proper nutrition if they are picky, have dietary restrictions, or have a special diet that they need to adhere to.   The FPCA Christian Childcare Center will assist each enrolled child with AM snack and a guardian/parent prepared lunch.  The Center have microwaves and refrigerators.  If help is needed, information and instructions in preparing your child’s meal can be provided by our qualified personnel who is certified as a Northern VA Food Manager.


            A Non-Refundable Registration of $85.00 is required for every child for pre-enrollment.  If a family has more than one child pre-enrolling in our Christian Childcare Center, then each additional child’s Registration will be $25.00.


            Tuition for every child enrolled can be paid weekly (every Monday), monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.  Those who pay for their child’s care other than on a weekly basis will receive discounts of 1% (monthly), 2% (quarterly), 3% (semi-annually), and 5% (annually) on the total amount paid at the time of enrollment and/or at the beginning of each Tuition period.

            All families who join and/or are Active Members and Staff Members of the First Presbyterian Church of Annandale will receive a 5% discount in tuition.

            A LATE FEE equaling 10% of the total paid will be charged for any tuition that is paid after it is due.

            Families who are participating in the Fairfax County Childcare Assistance and Referral (CCAR) Program will be welcome and accepted.

AgesWeekly Rates

Ages Weekly Rates
Infants (3 – 15 months)

Infants Part-Time ~ 3 Days

$                       345.00

$                       295.00

Young Toddler (16 – 23 months) $                       305.00
Young Toddler Part-Time ~ 3-Days $                       245.00
Early Preschool (2 – 3 years) $                       285.00
Early Preschool Part-Time ~ 3-Days $                       225.00
Early Preschool Part-Time ~ 2-Days $                       195.00
Preschoolers (4 – 5 years) $                       255.00
Preschoolers Part-Time ~ 3-Days $                      205.00
Preschool Part-Time ~ 2-Days $                       175.00
School Age ( 5 – 12 years) $                       200.00
School Age Part-Time $                       120.00


The FPCA Christian Childcare Center uses the “Mother Goose Time” with Christian Supplement curriculum for children aged 2 to 5 years old.   “Mother Goose Time” is a professionally designed preschool curriculum for use in preschools, home daycares, and childcare center.  The curriculum is easy to follow with skilled based lesson plans, and provides over 125 activity ideas every month to help children construct knowledge through everyday experiences.  Supported by research, the curriculum nurtures the whole child and supports social-emotional, physical and intellectual growth.



Godly Play: Making meaning through story, wonder, and play. Nurturing spiritual lives by honoring the centrality, competency, and capacity of children. A certified Godly Play instructor uses the Godly Play method to nourish spiritual and moral development in children.  The result of this approach is the  spiritual formation through playful orthodoxy. The goal is for children to enter adolescence with an inner-working model of the Christian language system that will continue to be of use as a means of maturing spiritually all one’s life. Faith practice is a life long journey. Through wondering about God’s stories, we are all nourished. .