The FPCA made the following decisions to avoid community spread of COVID-19 and keep our congregation safe as possible.

1.  Sunday Worship Services will be held in the FPCA Main Sanctuary at 10:00 AM, following this UPDATED Safety Guidelines for Worship, from October 11th, 2020: REVISED Guidelines for Worship Services at FPCA by Dr. Chris Looker from 10/11/2020
2.   The FPCA Church Office is open from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Mondays to Thursdays.  We encourage you to call the office at 703-941-3300 during the office hours, if you have any inquires.  For emergency needs such as food, gas, transportation, and/or others, please call ACCA (Annandale Christian Community for Action) at 703-256-0100.  Thank you.
3.  There are giving opportunities while you are unable to attend the church on Sundays. You may mail your offerings to the church address, 7610 Newcastle Dr. Annandale, VA 22003.  Or, you may use “Online Giving” on the church website.  The link is available on the front page of the website and on the menu.
4.  The FPCA Christian Childcare Center is open for all parents and children.  If you are interested in touring the site or speaking with a  childcare director, please contact Jennifer Stoy at 703-941-1418, or to [email protected]

The FPCA will update further announcements as soon as we can.  Thank you.

Online Giving Is Available Here

"Mother Goose Time" Curriculum - FPCA Christian Childcare Center

Thank you for joining us for our Live Christmas Eve Service here at the Church and Online!

Worship Service for First Presbyterian Church of Annandale on Sunday, January 24, 2021 at 10:00 AM.