Free Memberships


Come one, come all!


FREE MEMBERSHIPS are now available at the First Presbyterian Church of Annandale.  Memberships include immediate and unconditional acceptance and love from our Church’s Members, stimulating and Biblically-based sermons and Bible Instruction from our Pastors, Mission Opportunities, Book-Clubs, FREE Food served after every 1-hour Sunday 10:00 am Worship Service, Fellowship Potluck Suppers, Free Musical Concerts (Professional Tracker Organ Artists, Area Choirs, Soloists, and Acclaimed Instrumentalists, etc.), Bell and Adult/Children’s Choir, Pottery Lessons, Scuba Diving Lessons, Recreational Drone Flying Club, a Wonderful Children’s Sunday School and Fellowship Events (including Summer Vacation Bible School), Opportunities to serve and thank the Lord for all that the Lord has given to you and done for you, and the most important thing:  an opportunity to strengthen your personal relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

With your FREE MEMBERSHIP at the First Presbyterian Church of Annandale, you may enroll your child/children in our wonderful FPCA Christian Childcare Center, will get a Free Laminated Membership Card, a Bible (if you do not have one or want another one), information about WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A CHRISTIAN and WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A PRESBYTERIAN, and tons of the selfless Christian love from our Members.